Saturday, April 25, 2015

Three Portraits

Denis Diderot
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire)

It is interesting to see the faces of the famous people that survived history's evolution. The  conversations these three gentlemen must have had!

So, today is day 25 of NaPoWriMo, and because it's weekend, I will just repeat a former clerihew. In my defense I can say that I have three famous names, not just one:

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Annoyed Voltaire and Diderot

He scoffed at superfluous luxuries without tact.

Said he: “Read The Social Contract!”

(All portraits from Wikipedia, PD)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday (ano)Pheline

Part Free: Diss Ease

i freeborn, fiend, two precious gifts, ---
a blood meal for my love
ah, devilish mother parasite,
had i the vector of;

i left you crepuscular itch
that lasted until dusk,
salacious your gift reproduced
in my saliva and your musk.

( Just a little wonky honky tonk; maybe Emily wouldn't have minded...)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On The Banks Of The Têtard River

Tadpole River Erasure

Do you know where it's from originally?

(ǝɯɐɥɐɹפ ɥʇǝuuǝʞ) sʍollᴉM ǝɥ┴ uI puᴉM ǝɥ┴)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tension Terzanelle (Soft-sung)

The character SUNG (Tension)

Tension Terzanelle, Soft-Sung

Now speak your mind frankly, without fear-freeze
for rank or status, friend or enemy
this will lead to positive release-

the heavens are infinite and barrier-free,
no subject out of bounds, our intentions kind
for rank, or status, friend or enemy

our intellects gust like a cleansing wind
through intense thoughts of passionate sunlight:
our words pour down- a thunderstorm of mind,

soaking everyone within its sphere of might,
this process, once started, cannot be reversed
through intense thoughts of passionate sunlight.

Thoughts bottled up can fan the fire worst,
beware of damage caused by thunder clap:
this process started, cannot be reversed.

Dance wise between deluge and raindrop rap!
Now speak your mind frankly, without fear-freeze;
beware of damage caused by thunder clap
this will lead to positive release.

(Today's prompt: Terzanelle; H/T to The I Ching)

'cleansing wind' : a technical term for when you wring out a jammerlappie; then you hang the cloth in the wind to dry :)
 Punt in die wind!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DeMoan in DeTails


Aspect of Self

little poem, little poem
let me in!
i have such lofty thoughts for you
none of which include bacon

little verse, little verse
let me in!
your argument is straw
you are  this pleasure's demon

little poe, little poe
i'll huff and i'll puff
i'll even use the dictionary
(when did poelets get so tough?)

little rhyme, little rhyme
i'll blow your wooden tone down
i'll hammer, and tinker
even while still in my pajama gown

little five quatrains never in stone
this vegan poetaster woos
you with pencil and erasor
you cannot cook your creator's goose!

(Today's prompt, rather off-key)