Red-Tailed, Red-Breasted

Go watch the Red-Tailed Hawk Nest Live!
It's been a very busy week-end. Something really nice to do, when you want a little quiet time, is to watch one of the many live-cams set up all around the web for peeping at wildlife. The one I watched on Sunday is at Cornell University. I was watching red-tailed hawk chicks hatch, such an exciting event. It has snowed there now, but the chicks are nice and toasty under mum.

On a sadder note: I was woken by a double- thud on Saturday morning, a thud-thud- followed by a thud of my heart, since I knew what it meant. I ran out in my pyjamas, and there they were: eager Mister red-breasted robin and smaller Miss ( I presume). They had struck the glass pane in full flight-force as they joyously played hide and seek on the fresh spring morn. A quick death, at least.

This morning another thud. This is the hazard of living amongst trees. The birds think they can fly through the windows to the forest. I have stuck decals on the larger windows, but spring time always brings a crop of dead birds. There must be a better way to deter the birds from flying into glass: I'll be scouring the interwebs later today.
Poor Red-breasted Robins

Now, off to ink! I want to do some feathers today.

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