Nature's Pollock: An Ekphrastic*?

Imitation of Jackson Pollock, produced with ht...
Imitation of Jackson Pollock, produced with a website by Miltos Manetas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lovely Lucerne Lichen
I like looking at lichens when I walk; not that I know anything about them. (Lest some deadhorse have a conniption) Apparently they're really very hardy. Maybe they could even be cultivated on Mars. The StarBear would be intrigued...

Well, looking at those lichens also set me musing about Jackson Pollock. I have seen some of his paintings. He did something I relish as well (along with most children):  climbing right into his paintings. Very kinaesthetic. Mesmerisingly messy.
So: whilst surfing the info-sea, I came across the eponymous Pollock App. Here is my first  little game with it.
(*Ekphrasis; An interesting presentation by the NGA on Pollock)

Added on Sep, 29, 2013: 10 Examples of Ekphrasis in Contemporary Literature, by Patrick Smith, via Interesting Literature blog

Pollux is the brighter one...

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