Dogwood Dove

bracts that flutter white
a pocket handkerchief tree
ghost with dogwood bark

I am reading This Album Full of Angles, by William Reichard. (It being St. Patricks Day, you can get a free chapter with the mythical Patrick in it here.)

It is full of delectable Irish and Scottish words I don't know, so I'm spending a fair bit of time looking for them. One such word was stachie:
Under stashie (also stashy, stachie; stushie, stushy; steeshie, steishie, stishie), we find it means “an uproar, commotion or brawl”. It is often slipped into Scottish English, but most Scots are aware that stushie is not an English word. (via)
Incidentally, in the first footnote, I came across Schnupftuch. (which is German for nose-rag, or handkerchief.) It creatively blended with the picture of the dog on the cover, which led to Davidia involucrata...

Hat Tip to this photograph by Juliet Day/ CUBG, found here:

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