Just Joking

In my haiku-scaiku-rendering enthusiasms I looked at the ESF Top Ten 2015 (released every year around Carolus Linnaeus's birthday). I got stuck on the Tillandsia religiosa, a bromeliad from Morelos, Mexico. There are many Tillandsias in the bromeliad family (Wikipedia lists 730). Air plants- though this one seems to be a cliff-hanger.

The plant asides, the 'bromeliad' made me think of 'broma' which is joke in Spanish, so I guess I looked twice to see if it was funny-looking. Another prickle-thought buzzed for attention- 'brommer', that blue-bottomed grumble-fly with the nice euphoric-vomit-sounding scientific name. OK, enough of this bromide (ugghaloo). The painful punning will end! But what about the pineal gland and the pinecone? And why is there a pineapple (which is a bromeliad) at the Holy See? No: it will not take 24 books of epic hexameter to kill off this thread.

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