Moggie and Doggie

We went up the mound and here's what we found: a mountainous black Newfoundland hound.
He only had one shiny bit of drool over the snout, and amber eyes.

The cats all seem to have a marmalade streak.

From Wikipedia:
 At the turn of the 20th century, Marconi began investigating the means to signal completely across the Atlantic in order to compete with the transatlantic telegraph cables. Marconi established a wireless transmitting station at Marconi House, Rosslare Strand, Co. Wexfordin 1901 to act as a link between Poldhu in CornwallEngland and Clifden in Co. GalwayIreland. He soon made the announcement that the message was received at Signal Hill in St John'sNewfoundland (now part of Canada) on 12 December 1901, using a 500-foot (150 m) kite-supported antenna for reception—signals transmitted by the company's new high-power station at PoldhuCornwall. The distance between the two points was about 2,200 miles (3,500 km).

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