From crooked (branch) to screech (owl) via this lovely picture, which has both! (Via Flickr, from p. 346 of “Bird Lore”,

A FINE LINE OF SCREECH OWLS Photographed by Dr. W. H. Rowland. The photograph here shown was taken May 15, 1919 in a young apple orchard. Since nearly 400 acres of Stuart Acres are devoted to young fruit-trees, the value of the Screech Owl as an orchard assistant is fully recognized, ...
Let’s not forget Newfoundland screech though.

Here’s my #inktober2017 Screech, in process on Procreate, since the cropped photograph is taking forever to show up. (based on Flickr PD photograph by Joshua Edelson; Shenandoah National Park Screech Owl)

Screech for #inktober2017

And, yes, this is important:

  She had the startled eyes of a wild bird. Ah, but which one? A screech owl, perhaps, or a cuckoo? It does make a difference. We do not need more literalists of the imagination. They cannot read a body like a gazelle’s without thinking of intestinal parasites, zoos, and smells.

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