Holy Mackerel and Happy Hound

I will have two pieces on display at the new Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre:

Holy Mackerel: Michelle de Villiers, bronze,  ltd edition of 8

Holy Mackerel

Small fish with the crack
through your heart
first sculpted in imperfect stone
so smooth, so cold, a perfect weight
my friend: thanks for the fish
that swam from the left-over
piece of black rock
from which you carved that bust
now i have but this memory
yes, i cast it, lost wax, in bronze
because it broke along that fault line
that imperfection
that claimed your life too
still, the fish is a happy fish
like we all once were

and also the Happy Hound, which was sculpted after watching my hounds gambol like silly wool-headed lambs through a spring snow drift, exuberant and full of dogness:

Happy Hound: Michelle de Villiers, bronze,  AP

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