Essential Story Elements

Composer: Alexander Zemlinsky (While Simone and Bianca celebrate their reawakened passion, I feel sad for  poor prince Guido's mother, whose only son is freshly dead.)
A little bit of Wilde and a dash of Forster make for an entertaining time.
From the Florentine tragedy originally set in the Renaissance period, we watch as adultery and jealousy lead to murder. The language is rich with seed pearls and pomegranates. In Puccini's comedy, which starts with the emptying of a bedpan, we laugh at the in-fighting over inheritances. For sure, poor old rich Buoso couldn't care less, but the monks will be mad.  Stories with those two essential elements: a dead body and passion.
Puccini's opera with the greedy Donati family, where Schicci has the last laugh.

Honey from the hives on the COC Four Seasons building's roof!

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