Friday Fun with A Moose

A lovely little aMoose-Bouche for Friday:
How to find the Martian Moose in the Hottah Outcrop
(Hat tip to NASA's JPL photo journal)
Hottah Lake: "The traditional Dene name is Itseretué, meaning "Two Year Old Moose." (from here)
I know the outcrop is named after Hottah Lake  (Yay, Canada) but why?...maybe it looks like a moose...a two year old female moose, to be exact!
Or, (more boringly) like an H? Well, is the water in the Hottah Lake up to the 'hip' of a moose? No- it's up to Curiosity's hips, surely. Or did the 'vigorous flow of water' only wet the hallus/x of the Martian Moose? Maybe it was in fact deep enough to dip a toe in. The big prize--evidence of watery life--  may still be out there. Let's hope it's not just a hallucination. Perchance we'll know by Halloween.

('hip' from Business Insider Science)
(Curiosity's hips can be seen here on the  NASA/JPL-Caltech picture)

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