Ikenga's older sister spent her time making ink and studying nature
English: Ikenga Igbo deity of success and the ...
English: Ikenga Igbo deity of success and the right hand. This was based of a photo taken of a carving at Augusta State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today is October 11- Myths and Legends Day in Cephalapod Days. There are many interesting ones, starting with the snake stones/ ammonites or cephalopod fossils. This makes reading about Amun, Ammonoidea, horned deities, the Horned God and of course ink, absolutely essential. So, check out the e-inky linkys.

One of the more interesting-- and lesser known-- legends, is that of AgaWomammita, the older sister of two-faced Ikenga.  She spent her days in quiet contemplation of nature, pixels and pictures. She also studied the origins of fire.
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