Sunday Serpens

Sunday Serpens (wonderful photography by Guido Mocafico)
Well, Happy(?) Year of the Black Water Snake, I guess...
Umm, shall we burn something(64 evils!), seeing that I'm in for
 it was the best of times, it was the worst of times-kind of year
 aka this high science:
If the Lucky Element is that element,
 then the person will have very good luck.
 If not, the person might have a very bad luck.
The cycle of this might be the best or worst years in your life."

-Ah, the old "double-stem branch-fighting relationship"-
(h/t to  "The Defarges operate a wine shop
 which they use to lead a 
clandestine band of revolutionaries;
 they refer to each other by the codename "Jacques,"
 which Charles Dickens drew from the 
Jacobins (WotD!),
 an actual French revolutionary group";
 Wikipedia entry, A Tale of Two Cities)

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