An Equipoise of Hippocampii

  Hat tips to words of the day: decollate rhymes with hate
(Much more pleasant is décolletage, as in fromage, oui);

  from wordsmith: sprezzatura, as in "Norris is a man always in equipoise, a living illustration of the art of sprezzatura. No one has ever seen him ruffled."--Hilary Mantel; Bring Up the Bodies; Henry Holt; 2012.
  (Equus me, but I borrowed equipoise, for its equinely grace)

  Lastly, but not leastly, I indite
Hat tip to CC, which turns out to be so doubly-horse, of course

  Above all, all hail the hippocampus biglorious!

  (picture adapted from photograph by Professor Laszlo Seress:

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