Bearding the Cat

Nougattini Sabertoothy, CeilingLess Cat

Oh, CeilingLess Cat! The yearly Veterinary (er, erred: ta for pointing it out :)!) is done. I also re-visited "herding cats" and "Bearding the lion in his den." With no ceiling board in the house at the moment, hide-and-seek favoured the moggies!

I tried to keep in mind "insofar as group-living is adaptive, serious injuries resulting from fighting within the group would be maladaptive for both the attacker and the injured animal"as I dragged out the ladder to reach my recalcitrant Nougatti Sabertoothy. 

Looking into his aquamarine eyes (with just the merest tint of quinachridone crimson), I recalled a story I'd read by Herman Charles Bosman, about how the motivation to identify which kind of leopard you're dealing with (by counting the number of its spots) rapidly reduces the closer the beast gets to you...

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