Of Ant Lions and Marulas

H/T to the ant lions and marulas.

The fleshy fruit tastes slightly tart but sweet. Elephants love it. We gathered handfuls to toss over the low electrified fence, meant to keep the elephants from raiding the camp site's treasure. We were rewarded for our enthusiasm by a visit of a mother with three youngsters in tow. The youngest was still suckling and the two older ones were very protective, one doing a little mock charge and a trumpet. We were rather grateful for the fence!

A baboon troop woke us at the crack of dawn with their antics up and down the thatch roofs. It sounded like blue murder; big tufts of thatching grass were left strewn about when they departed. A small squirrel - probably the one that had eaten the marula's seeds- sought refuge inside the hut.

Many highly exaggerated stories are told of animals getting drunk on the fermenting fruit. We ourselves did indulge in some Amarula liqueur.

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