Alligator Alley

Blue skies! Mangroves! Lunch al fresco!

Highway 75 through the Everglades is very straight. It is also comprehensively fenced. The new fence looks to be about six feet tall, topped with barbed wire and sun cell-powered cameras. It looks menacing - it is to protect the Florida panther from becoming roadkill; the alligators and other wildlife also benefit, as there are culverts every so often that allow animals to cross under.

The trees in the wetlands look stressed, with ghostly limbs. In the approaching dusk, the black cormorants starting to roost for the night, the atmosphere is otherworldly. A swarm of swallows rises and settles. The traffic arrows ahead in both directions, past the birds, the sawgrass, the canals.

FDOT will fence Alligator Alley stretch deadly to panthers.
Roseate Spoonbills Send Warning Signs About the Florida Everglades


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