Axes of Pleasure

WOTD on Wiktionary: axiom

So, I searched my pictures and found two with 'axes' in it: The above one is from my Cartoon Miscellany: Rib Ticklers ebook. Ah, the good old days. I believe I wrote their names in Morse code on the labels...

Another oldie from good times with my sis:

I have spent my day discovering Affinity Designer: it is great, but a bit of a learning curve. 'Lo, the old adage of "Read the Instructions" holds.

Here is tomorrow's word in all its glory, albeit at poor resolution, with knobs on it: shillelagh:

But here is a much better version! Just what you need for St. Patrick's Day.

AND more reviews for The Whistle Thorn Tree!

Fun, different and memorable
A really different children's book will not only show and tell a child something new about the world, but it will do the same for their parents as well! This does that and makes an oddity of nature perfectly logical -- and fun! So yes, I liked TREE a lot. (B. on Amazon)

& from Google Play:

What a beautiful way to make one homesick for the African bush and animals. I am sure this charming introduction to an unexpected (but real!) relationship in nature will spark the enthusiasm of future naturalists and explorers. (Canerd)
A gem of a short story for not only the young, but the older ones, about Africa, nature and nature's adaptability to co-exist for survival. The illustrated paintings and photos are exceptional...(FdR)
My resolution of happiness is much improved.

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