An Xitement of Xmas Tree Worms

 As I soldier forth on my wordless novel, I could not help but get distracted by Christmas tree worms - as one is.  That whole picture-being-a-1000-words thingie made me take note of how these charismatic creatures, despite some having about a 1000 eyes, still only see shadows. That must be very frustrating. Luckily, I guess, they have very small brains. On an asides, I was also inspired to google as to which commercial camera had the highest MP resolution. Seeing that I have to finalize an Xmas card design in time to order, I have chosen to make it a Christmas tree worm. Here are some messages I thought of:

I have designs on Xmas!
A Vermerry Xmas to you!
Have a crackerjack Christmas! (Actually a fan worm, 'cause it has a plug)
Lekker soos 'n krêkker!
Worm Wishes!

It should be the perfect pairing for your new iPhone X.

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