The Smell of Snow

Control the dogs, woman!

It’s a bad idea to get off the sled to try and sort out tangled leashes. They say one needs all five senses to be involved in a vivid memory. Taste (snow in your mouth as you faceplant, not-so-gently nudged by the butt-butting sled behind you), sound (the yodeling of some hyper-exited hounds, and your own heavy breathing), touch (phew, that snow is cold, it’s -27C out here!), sight (yep, that is golden-saffron-yellow dog pee on the snow under your face), and smell (Mmm, fresh dog poop all over the camera lense; the aroma that lingers...) We made a memory.

It was so much fun.


Luggage sleds

Glass igloos: no Northern Lights!

Stable kitty

Let’s warm up!

Such splayable hooves!

And we’re off!


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