Rose-colored Pass

How to frame ageing
There’s a camel in my eye, and a needle

Eyes are interesting things. This is how I understood it to be: there are three fluid layers that are needed to lubricate them: a humerous eye fluid (okay, so I don’t know what it’s called), a water layer, and then oil for on top of the troubled layer. There are little spouts on the eyelids that provide the oil. Mine seem to not be under enough pressure to all be spouting forth with enthusiasm - which leads to that dry sense of arc eye. Solution: heat up the eye! With a teabag, or other specially-designed pad, for ten minutes. Voilà, they should be spouting again. (Nonsense, that is. Better read up on it!) Also. Eye drops. The cheaper kind or the super-duper-applicator expensive kind. I will stick with the OphthalmicaVisi Tears one, Brother. Mmm, graceful aging: can I do that?

I didn't go with the rose-colored glasses. I can see clearly now! At least I was spared the personal W&P developmental phase.

Now I’ll go and read about eyes.

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