Creepers and Coffees

A creeper grows on a rainforest tree
Creeper on bark. Just like spring in Canada.

As I reminisced about the rain forest clime, I added a Ko-fi button: now we can share one if you go down that cute little alley on the home page in the sidebar which you get to by clicking on the three little lines in the header. Which made me look up what Canadians pay for coffee, since $3 is what’s on the button. According to “Which coffee gives the biggest bang for the buck”, it seems Starbucks bucks Timmies in terms of bucks-for-caffeine content, which is interesting, though the article is from 2010. Also, Canadians like their water coffee-flavored: more Canadians drank coffee than just plain water, according to The Coffee Association of Canada. The path to SB’s is covered in ice rain today though - just a delightful part of a Canadian spring!

And the bird feeder rests in pieces.

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