Schopenhauer Sunday (nice hair!)
(Addition to Catch 26)

& die NSA
Sit 'N Luister lekker nê
Cthulhu ontsnap

(H/T to H P LovecraftSchneier on Security, via NewsBlur)

"Since genius consists in the perception of ideas, and men of genius contemplate their object, it may be said that it is only the eye which is any real evidence of genius. For the contemplative gaze has something steady and vivid about it; and with the eye of genius it is often the case, as with Goethe, that the white membrane over the pupil is visible. With violent, passionate men the same thing may also happen, but it arises from a different cause, and may be easily distinguished by the fact that the eyes roll. Men of no genius at all have no interest in the idea expressed by an object, but only in the relations in which that object stands to others, and finally to their own person. Thus it is that they never indulge in contemplation, or are soon done with it, and rarely fix their eyes long upon any object; and so their eyes do not wear the mark of genius which I have described. Nay, the regular Philistine does the direct opposite of contemplating—he spies. If he looks at anything it is to pry into it; as may be specially observed when he screws up his eyes, which he frequently does, in order to see the clearer. Certainly, no real man of genius ever does this, at least habitually, even though he is short-sighted." (From The Art Of ControversyGenius and Virtue, by Arthur Schopenhauer, via Biblioklept)

Bonus: Cross-examination about the finger, via boing-boing.
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