Yule love this


I experienced such a feeling of kinship reading about Tomte's love of porridge that had to be "just so", with its melted butter on top, its honey and the right amount of milk...so much so, I had to research my pseudo-Swedish family connections. (I like walnuts and cinnamon on mine. My porridge, not my Swedish relations.)

And then there's the "goat on fire": Capricorns, this is not personal! 


There was a big ice storm last night. Tinkling icicles all night long, restless trees cracking under their ice weight. It was a wonderland that awaited the jaundiced eye this morning. I tried to quickly capture some shots, but my gym partner was impatiently waiting to slip-slide off on the dangerous roads. The gym had a power failure halfway through the exertion (yippie), so coffee blessings came early. First, almost broke my neck on the sidewalk ice, but now sit rewarded with a gingerbread latte.
My photos don't do the scenery justice at all, so I'll just post a few:

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