Bonkers about Bouncing

The SCBWI has a new Draw This! feature for illustrators this month. The first prompt word is BOUNCE.

I have been thinking bouncy thoughts since yesterday. My first reaction at reading the prompt was a memory of my seven-year-old on the trampoline. He was sporting a horror cage of braces and a shredded mouth. There he was, bouncing with swollen chipmunk cheeks. One of the wires had snapped and we had no orthodontic wax. We used silicone putty instead. It was a holiday of ear infections and broken braces. But also of bouncing on trampolines.

(When I decided on the name Neil, I had to put up with remarks like:
" Why don't you just call him Sit or Stand then?" Pfff.
Because of those red-handed O'Nialls and those wine-quaffing Nels, of course! Besides, I just like the name. It is a bouncy name. Further proof: Neil Armstrong bouncing on the moon.)

But don't forget Tigger!

Oh, and then I also found this :

Neil Gaiman and Doctor Zoidberg on a trampoline

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