Foxes, Flamingoes, Coots, Ducks and a Lizard

Puna teal with lovely blue beak.

We saw both Chilean- and Andean flamingoes. They were showing off their wings and mate-bobbing in the shallows.

The flamingoes eat brine shrimp (Artemia salina) which contain carotenoids that turn them pink.


Fox petroglyph on left, flamingo on right.

Two baby foxes! I think they were South American grey foxes. Another one was killed by a tourist's car.

Giant coot. On the first drive-by they had their heads and feet tucked away and were sleeping on their little raised mounds, the water still frozen. On the second pass they were foraging and big-stepping.

Franklin's gull: they prey on the flamingo's eggs. Also on your early-morning breakfast if you don't watch out.

Salt lake lizard! We made some meaningful eye-contact. There were many, in all sizes.

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