Kari Canyon Walk

The Kari Canyon lies in La Cordillera de la Sal, Valle de la Luna, near San Pedro de Atacama: stunning scenery. A cool walk best done in the morning, before it gets hot. The salt crystals (Calcium sulphate) vary in size and colour, looking almost like snow sometimes. We were careful to stay on the path, lest we damage the dust-dry formations. We had to empty out our shoes after the first sand dune descent. The different rock colours are inspiring: like being on Mars or the moon perhaps. I had a slight headache from the altitude, but it’s an easy walk, two hours, with taking pictures, passing along the ancient dry river bed and through a few arches and caves. If you stand quietly, you can hear the salt whispering as it expands and cracks. 

Palpitations only on the last incline!

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