Seven Stages

The Seven Stages of Man
(H/T to Baltasar Graciàn, 1601-1658)

"cclxxvi Know how to renew your Character,
with the help both of Nature and of Art, Every seven years the disposition changes, they say. Let it be a change for the better and for the nobler in your taste. After the first seven comes reason, with each succeeding lustre let a new excellence be added. Observe this change so as to aid it, and hope also for betterment in others. Hence it arises that many change their behaviour when they change their position or their occupation. At times the change is not noticed till it reaches the height of maturity. At twenty Man is a Peacock, at thirty a Lion, at forty a Camel, at fifty a Serpent, at sixty a Dog, at seventy an Ape, at eighty nothing at all." 
(from The art of wordly wisdom, pg166; Author: Gracián y Morales, Baltasar, 1601-1658; Jacobs, Joseph, 1854-1916)

We have come a little way since the 1600's, one can hope in a good way, though I wonder in which stage the world's climate is in.... 

(Revised from July 29, 2011)

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