A Newfoundland Experience

Alan Doyle talks about his childhood
Last night we had a lively evening of local food (cod cheeks, beans, tuna tartar, breads, quiches, kale salad) and great music by three musicians (Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea; Cory Telford of Crush and Ed Robinson of Barenaked Ladies; sample: "If I had a Million Dollars"). It is said that (probably) every person on the island can sing and play an instrument.

 We walked another 12,7 km section of the trail, followed by a dockside cook-up and an introduction to the Fishing for Success Project in Petty harbour. I was happy to see the lovely little pitcher plants again. We also passed a four foot tall giant sunflower in a colourful pot, standing at the top of a salt box house's deck stairs. I wish I had got a shot of it. A veritable allokataplixian experience! Only lacking in a cat. Now I must finish reading "Where I Belong/ Alan Doyle"; he's already written a follow-up.

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