Postprandial & V

Found on the grounds of Archeological Museum of Asklepion Epidaurus. Not sure what it is, but intriguing and pretty.
I watched: Alien 3 (meh); Coraline (****); Past Life (***1/2); Maudie (****1/2)

Kissing our Grecian pleasures goodbye, I return to the mundane challenge of stopping the cat from peeing in the avocado tree pot. Pine cones, they say. Or kiss the tree goodbye.

This one will not pee on my avocado tree: good kitty!

I guess the baclava chocolate nest will be a lasting memory, completely appropriated by my body.
Greece has very tasty food, and not too expensive either. Meals are social affairs that last 'til the wee hours of the morning. We stuffed ourselves with: stuffed aubergine, stuffed tomatoes, beets, zucchini balls, tzatziki, spanakopita, all the meat and fish dishes (of course), fava beans, cheese pies, fried feta, ouzo, rosé, dolmades, salads; okay I'm hungry now.

A poor substitute: 'Ate all the liquorice toffees in the lounge: a six hours lay-over will do that to you.

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