Missing or Murdered

Over 800 missing or murdered...
(H/T to In Spirit, by Tara Beagan)

An interesting play at the Aki Studio theatre raised awareness to the terrible truth of missing or murdered Aboriginal women. Do you know about the "Highway of Tears"?

Sera-Lys McArthur is an actress of Nakota and German-Canadian descent from Saskatchewan.
She was the single actor who delivered the entire play in her the role as the twelve-year old protaganist... the spirit of a murdered girl. Well done and sad.

Dolor, by Colombian artist Mao Correa

At the same venue, an art exhibition. From Mao's FB page:

"“Internal Fire” is the new artistic proposal where Mao Correa fuses artistic expression with environmental consciousness, creating unique pictorial pieces made from recycled materials."

A little light relief:

When invited, it is polite to comply...

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