A Gallic Stickler For Guid Poetry

Picture of a crow and a hook fishing in the cranial cavity
Variations on Velcro

Zipperless Obsessions will Boil your Bunny
            (NaPoWriMo2014, day 12)

As she glanced out of the corner of her eye
on her shoulder, in his beak a vowel boulder, wry,
quite so:

Well, an obese black crow!

A portmanteau of gallic velvet and crafty hook
was all it took to form a strong, but temporary bond-
easy to manipulate, but from it not so easy to abscond…

He cawed hoarsely in a whisper:
for god's sake, make those words a little crisper:
dropping verbal stones to fill your cranial bowl
is surely a most honourable goal.

In the burr of the moment, inspiration is like nature's biomimicry;
it will grab you loving tight, and then
it will set you cruelly free.

                and thus

With George de Mestral nowhere to be found,
with a distinctive ripping sound,
this very silly poem, umbilical cord still bound,
falls wetly,
wriggling on the ground.

... being pulled apart: Tracy Anderson

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