Faluting Flyday!

Fee fie fo fum, here's a fly, old chum

For FlyDay we smithy a midge of an anacreontic:


Single, solitary midge of dung
Share my cup of Syrah fun
Mountain made of redwine skin?
Phantom plumose in my gin!
Gally gnat, sip from my glass,
Ah, it galls me you to pass...
Just a net-winged little punk
Grenache sips my heart have sunk.

(See, I didn't say spunk. Can you find all those fine fiendish flies in there? Click on the links for attribution and more information.)

Now, off for a social glass of vino. Care to sing the drinking song?

Net-winged midge
Gall midge
Phantom midge: such a cutie
Mufflehead midge
Mountain midge
Meniscus midge
Solitary midge
Black fly

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