Too Much Of A Bit Of Alright

The Antioxidant Powers of Grapes

It was not exactly a bespoke meal
and for the price, hardly a steal
In the spirit of the pink-pepper champagne
and this at-least-five-pound-gain
it needs to be delicately stated
that I was more than adequately sated
by the invigorating liquid gold grapes
and stuffed with grapefruit-flavored chanterelle crêpes
But what will stay with me:
The noticeable glinting gnashers of the maître'd,
the acid reflux of a slumbering intestinal lizard,
a monstrous migraine ignited by that culinary wizard;
the breath of a fire-burping dragon-
the gift of having been too long on the wagon.

(All credulous credit to the article from whence the optional prompts were gleaned! They sure like the word "bespoke" here.)

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