Mittwoch Meatloaf

Dash-It (A Shameless Re-Mix)
  If you can find the origin, I will link to it...

Meat Loaf and White Wine

Those were our birds of paradise-days,
when light and poetasters brimmed in myriad ways.
Meat loaf and cheap white wine,
limping cars and full-sweat sunshine!
The bats in our belfries flew only at night,
and hell was a real place, put out of sight.
Twice, even thrice, we called ourselves crazy mad,
but not even once was that real thing sad.
Ain't it weird how the words all went south;
then, right or wrong, they took off from my mouth.
Possibilities greenly blinked right off the dashboard lamp,
effusive, illuminated, ineffably camp.

(Be glad I did not say damp!)

Guess the five songs, if you will, for NaPoWriMo2014, day 9.

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